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Buying a portable monitor


For the avid computer user, the available screen real estate is often enough to get tasks done promptly. Most people remedy this, by purchasing external monitors and extending their screen space to allow for more space. The backside of such monitors is that they are big, and not portable, limiting the work environment that one can work in. However, companies have realized this problem and created portable monitors to ensure that you take your job with you whenever you go. We will take a brief look at how to buy yourself one of these and immensely improve your working efficiency.

Tips for purchasing a portable monitor

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Most monitors will have a power cord and a screen connector, normally a VGA cable or HDMI. These technologies are quite efficient at what they do, but when buying your portable monitor, you have to pay more attention to the portable part of it. The best bet will be to go forĀ a USB powered and controllable control. What this means is that you select a portable monitor that connects using USB 3.0 for all its operations. This will drastically reduce the number of cords that you will have to deal with to just one.

Power consumption

Even with the numerous advancements in technology, the battery has been lagging behind, making portable power, something of a problem. The good thing is that electronic components have been improving in efficiency, especially in energy consumption. This means that they utilize less power to get things done, at least when compared to older electronics. Therefore, make sure that you get a portable monitor that is power friendly. This is crucial since most of these monitors will be using your laptop’s power most of the time.


There are a lot of options that one should consider when aklnslakndvlknsdvknskaldvnklsdnvklnsdvsadvdascquiring a portable monitor, but best of all is the resolution. You have to make sure that you can clearly see what is being displayed. Most screens have good decisions nowadays and to make sure that you get the most out of it, go for the biggest decision that you can afford. Other option such as refresh rate, response time and screen size in inches should be thoroughly investigated to ensure that they match up with your expectations and needs.

These are some of the considerations that you will have to account for to ensure that you get the best experience using an external portable monitor.